We provide practical counsel and continual support to conflicts issued between employers and employees.
We serve our clients’ needs, keeping them informed and knowledgeable when it comes to labor and employment law, helping them make a smart and educated business decision.
Our clients are diverse- from international companies to small businesses, each and every single one of them being treated with the maximum of professionalism and dedication by our lawyers.
Our Services
 Employment dispute resolution
 Advising in employment law issues
 Employment agreements
 Formulate internal policies and procedures
 Unfair labor practices
 Consultation concerning employee confidentiality and employee discipline
 Enforcement of employment contracts including non- competition and confidentiality agreements
 Assisting with workplace harassment investigations
 Assisting with investigations of  employee misconduct
 Providing advice regarding reductions of  employee and release agreements
 Mediating conflicts between employers and employees 
 Consultancy and advice regarding obtaining potable document A1for employees from Romania detached in a member state of the European Union